Kombucha Box Confident 30 x 17 ml

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no processed sugar

organic ingredients

no refrigeration needed

90% less CO2

How to use

Fermented microdrink dilutable

in 200-250 ml of water.


First, pour yourself a glass of water. Then, holding the sachet above the glass, bend it down the middle. Once you do this, a small opening will form on the bottom of the sachet which will release the liquid into your glass when you squeeze the sides. You can also just take a look at this video.

No need to stir, just drink and enjoy!


dont worry you can cancel anytime

but consistent daily intake of fermented can:

  • diversify gut microbiota          
  • decrease inflammation          
  • better overall metabolic health

Everything your gut needs.
Nothing it doesn't.

INGREDIENTS: (* from organic production)


KOMBUCHA CONFIDENT: symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast *, honey *, apple *, blackberry leaf *, ginger *, cinnamon stick *, Rooibos tea *, chamomile *, black pepper *, orange peel *, clove *, cardamom *, mallow * .

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.


PLACED ON THE MARKET BY: Cidrani d.o.o. , Ivana Meštrovića 35, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia.